TheVault Dweller's Holiday Guide!

Hell has frozen over!

Christmas has come to the Wasteland! The weather outside may be frightful—not to mention the ruin and pestilence!—but inside your Vault-Tec™ brand vault, it’s time to get cozy and enjoy the spoils of civilization. So let the following Vault Dweller’s Holiday Guide® help steer you through the season, and remember: Christmas never changes!


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From Our Music Division

Listen up!

On special occasions, the same old tired radio hits simply won’t do. Nuclear Winter Wonderland, Vol. 1 is a collection of tastefully observant tunes suitable for virtually any activity—nice or naughty!

Listen to Nuclear Winter Wonderland on YouTube!

Greetings from Vault-Tec to you, to someone else

Let us do the talking!

Sometimes you just don’t know what to say. Well—Vault-Tec does! Let that certain special somebody know that you care by printing one of these carefully designed and tested greeting cards!

For the Magnanimous Vault Dweller

Choose a wrapping paper!

It's a wrap!

The exchange of commodities is encouraged among vault dwellers. But don’t go scavenging for just anything to make your product presentable—take the extra step to use company-branded wrapping paper and let him or her know you really care.

Hint!: Vault-Tec wrapping paper doubles as a background pattern for your viewing device!

"Did you know?" Two sheets of standard 8.5x11" printer paper will handily cover a standard video game case.

Don’t be bashful!

A gift means more when they know who it's from. Try one of these handy Vault-Tec gift tags.

For Around the Vault

Make your vault your home!

Lacking decoration, your vault will be bleak and unwelcoming. Create some ambiance by printing out your own Vault-Tec tree ornaments! [Trees available in select vaults only.]